We're back!

Why do we always refer to ourselves in the plural? Lots of other people on the Web manage to refer to themselves in the singular. Do we have delusions of importance, are we using a Royal We? Or is it some ironic thing? That'd be so XXth century.

Anyway! davidchess.com (and for that matter theogeny.com) is (are) live again, so you can read the Curvature of the Earth is Overwhelmed by Local Noise weblog in its proper place (and the archives and the rest of the site are back also).

We so happy, we do the dance of joy!

[If you can't see the the sites, let me know in email or the talking place.]

Now we have to think of something useful to do with this little Pitas campsite. I'm sure something will come to us.

Have to work on this plural thing, too.

21 December 2001